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Jio Fiber Router Login – The Latest From Jio

With Jio Fiber Router Login, you get a variety of other benefits. This wireless router has an integrated software that offers an IP-based security. In fact, Jio is the first company to come up with such a program and have been able to give a big boost in its customer base. This router uses the latest technology and its high-end performance, which are not only desirable, but also necessary for an advanced user.


Jio Fiber Router Login features IP-based security, so you need not worry about hacking into your network. Its built-in malware and spyware detection to prevent any unwanted access to data from inside the network.

It does not matter if you are at home or at the office, you will never be without Internet connectivity because you can use the router’s Ethernet port. This router is fully compatible with the Jio broadband services. This means that you can surf the Internet even when you are not at home, since it supports VoIP as well. The wireless LAN feature allows you to connect to your desktop computer from anywhere and then use it to access your laptop or tablet from wherever you happen to be. If you want to access the Jio broadband network while you are on the road, you need not worry because there is a USB adapter for mobile broadband devices. You might also want to know about arris router login and router login list website

You are also given the freedom to choose whether or not you wish to use your existing broadband modem. With Jio, you can also use the Wi-Fi option. This enables you to make a call from anywhere with your cell phone.

A lot of other people are still worried about the speed of the Internet that they are receiving. Since this router is compatible with the latest Internet technology, its speed is able to keep pace with the latest innovations in the field of broadband technology.


You are also assured of the quality of service that you are getting. This router is designed to give you the best of the Internet service. This is so, because it has been developed and improved to the highest standards.

Jio routers are available at affordable prices and are supported by a two-year warranty. This will help you get all the assistance that you need when it comes to troubleshooting. your connection problems.

Jio Fiber Router Login is truly the most sophisticated router for an affordable price. And with so many other advantages, it is a good value for money.

As mentioned earlier, Jio uses VoIP technology in its broadband service. It gives you the ability to talk to your home phone using your laptop or tablet. In fact, you can make calls from anywhere on the planet through your laptop, with a Jio SIM card inserted. Jio is committed to offering consumers with the best possible service. They offer a wide variety of network connections, including DSL, cable, FLEX, mobile and fiber, so you will never run out of ways to connect to your Jio broadband service.

Why you should get it

Jio Fiber Router Login has an advanced security system that makes it very user-friendly. It has integrated parental controls to prevent children accessing inappropriate websites.

Jio has many broadband services like Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, PC voice, data, HDTV, high definition TV, games and movies, music, and many others. You can use all these services at the same time, without any interruption to your service . The Jio network offers several unique calling features such as call forwarding, call waiting, auto attendant, call transfer, call waiting, call transferring, call screening, auto attendant, voicemail, message center, fax auto attendant, international calling cards, Voicemail, Caller ID, and more. You can also have unlimited long distance calling at any time, with a Jio calling card.


All these features will be completely free of cost. With Jio, you will not find yourself spending thousands of dollars on long distance phone bills every month.

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Hotstar for PC: Download and Installation Guide 2020

Hotstar is an online application wherein users can watch TV shows, movies, and other live streams. It was created to enable individuals to access Indian shows. However, you can also find international content like Game of Thrones and Modern Family. This is a good alternative to your traditional television as you can just connect to your network to stream videos. Thus, making it a good program for those who can’t afford to watch on TV.

This article will provide you with the step by step procedure on how to download Hotstar for PC. Read along to find out.

hotstar for pc

Download and Install Hotstar for PC

Actually, Hotstar is an application for mobile phones. It is available on Android and iOS devices so if you want to use this streaming application, you may download Hotstar apk. Since this is the case, it’s not possible to directly install the program on your computer.

But, don’t worry because you may use an Android emulator for that reason. Actually, there are different applications of this kind which can be downloaded from the internet. You may rely on Bluestacks, Andy, and Genymotion. For this tutorial, we will use Bluestacks.

  • To start, install Bluestacks on your computer and launch it once done.
  • Create an account or sign in to an existing one.
  • After that, locate the Google Play Store on your virtual Android.
  • From here, search for Hotstar and click the Install button.
  • Wait until the program has been installed.
  • Go to your emulator’s homepage and look for a Hotstar icon. Launch the program and enjoy watching.

If you want to avail of their premium version, you can pay for Rs. 199 for a monthly subscription. This will allow you to watch non-stop using the program and removes all the limitations that come with the free one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Just how much does Hotstar price?
Answer: In the time of writing, Hotstar is absolutely free to register to (either through your FB accounts or an email) however if you would like the lion’s share of articles you will want to opt into the paid regions of the service. The first is Hotstar Premium choice which can cost you $999 in the event that you would like to get billed or there is a $199 monthly choice.

It is worth noting whereas the latter provides you an interval that the prior is non-refundable. We will detail precisely what you are got by Premium.
Outdoor types may also pay a little extra for your Hotstar All Sport bundle that’s $299 annually and falls under the non-refundable umbrella.

Question: What material does Hotstar provide?
Answer: Of course, you are going to receive all of the finest Bollywood Hindi content now offered. Furthermore, if you are into international studio content in the likes of HBO, Disney, Showtime and Fox, it is well worth noting that Hotstar recently procured an exceptional venture with HOOQ, Southeast Asia’s biggest VOD support, to create its Hollywood content accessible to its over 150 million active monthly customers. HOOQ is a station on the superior service of Hotstar and readers can get content from a broad library of Hollywood content that is distinctive.

Question: Does Hotstar provide a free trial?
Answer: New subscribers who pick a monthly plan for Hotstar Premium are entitled to a trial of a single week. But the entire amount will be billed to confirm your card. Nevertheless, should you cancel within the first seven days you will get a complete refund. It might take approximately seven days with this particular trade to reflect on your bank statement. And a warning: programs and the Sports package are non-refundable.

Question: Which devices are compatible with Hotstar?
Answer: As with overseas offerings like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar is rather a flexible service that operates on a lot of devices and browser types. Besides the typical web browser, there are dedicated programs for tablets and Android and iOS smartphones. For iOS, you’ll have to be running iOS 9.0 or over. Firmware prerequisites for Android users may differ from device to device, but as a general guide, you should go in expecting to be on Android 4.0 or above.

If you are considering the Premium service it’s worth knowing that Hotstar Premium videos are only available on desktop browsers, Android, iOS, and living room devices like FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, and Chromecast. Hotstar intends to encourage TV programs in the near future but for now, it is all that is available.


We hope that this tutorial helped you. Thanks for visiting our site and having time to read our articles. If you have questions and concerns, please leave them in the comment section below. Also, we appreciate if you could give us any idea on how we can improve our page.

Top 9 Best Kodi Alternatives You Can Get on 2020

Do you want to know the best Kodi alternatives you can get in the market? If yes, then this article is for you. We will provide you with the list of the applications that work like Kodi. Don’t miss this post because after you read this, you will get what you are looking for.

Best Kodi Alternatives

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We all know that Kodi is one of the best media player software for your device. It is an open-source platform that was developed by XBMC Foundation way back 2004. It gained a lot of positive reviews from the users because of its special features which make watching movies and TV shows more fun.

However, just like any other application, Kodi has pros and cons. These positive and negative aspects affect the users’ experience in using Kodi. That’s the reason why some people look for other media player applications that will work perfectly for them.

So we made this post to provide you with other options. Here’s a list of the best kodi alternatives that we have compiled for you.

9 Best Kodi Alternatives

#1. SPMC


One of the best Kodi alternatives is the SPMC. It is an “android-minded fork” of Kodi, by the former Kodi android maintainer, Koying. However, SPMC development has stopped but you can still download it from its official website.

The only downside of SMPC is that it cannot be downloaded and used in iOS. On the other side, it works perfectly for Android and Amazon Firestick devices.

#2. Stremio


Another great app for Kodi alternative is the Stremio. Its features are similar to Kodi except for the supported operating systems. It works on both Windows and Mac OS devices, iOS and Android, and on Linux-based devices.

One of the best features of Stremio is its ability to stream videos from popular sites like Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon. It also supports numerous plugins like detecting subtitles, so it is easier to watch especially for other language speakers.

Stremio is free to download and use. You can get it without spending for subscription or buying any license code. That way, you can enjoy all your favorite shows for free.

#3. OSMC


If you are looking for something simple, then you need to check the OSMC which stands for Open Source Media Center. The simplicity of the interface makes the users easily navigate the entire application. And for your information, OSMC is developed based on Kodi – in short it is a Kodi’s Linux version.

OSMC supports an App store which you can use to customize your entire experience in using the app. Plus, it can play almost all media formats from different streaming devices.

#4. Universal Media Player


Far from how Kodi and other media streaming apps works, Universal Media Server has its own functionalities when it comes to streaming. The user interface of this app is made simple. It can stream and play an audio, video, and even image in different formats.

UMS id free and the app is updated regularly. What makes it one of the best Kodi alternatives is that it streams on multiple devices such as PS3/PS4, Xbox One and 360, Blu-rays, TVs, and smartphones.

#5. Plex

The Plex Media Server is a great app which includes an advanced feature. Aside from streaming, it has the capability to scan your media files once you installed it on your devices. It is perfect for people who want to organize all their files that are ready to stream.

PMS also allows you to record your favorite shows on your whatever device you are using. So anywhere you go, you have the access to your recorded episodes.

#6. MediaPortal


MediaPortal is another Kodi alternative that provides you with excellent streaming experience. It works on PC and connects directly on your TV so you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on a bigger screen.

MediaPortal supports plugins so you can customize anything on the application. What’s great about this app is that it is accessible from the web or mobile device. Even if you are on vacation and away from your computer, you can still stream your favorite shows.

#7. Emby


An app that will take streaming to the next level – try Emby. This media streaming app has the capacity to put all your media files (audio, video, images) into one place. It has a server that converts and streams different media formats automatically.

One unique thing that Emby provides is it allows you to control the contents it has to display. It is perfect for parents who have minor children to monitor their streaming activities.

#8. Infuse 5

Do more with Infuse! Infuse is an elegant streaming application that can do more than any other app you can get. It is a perfect Kodi alternative and it comes with a Pro version. It can play almost all media formats including

Using Infuse, you have access to other streaming applications like Kodi, Plex, and Servio. It allows you to connect with different software and keep your library synced. Like Emby, Infuse also provides parental control to monitor the streaming activities of children.

#9. Mobdro

Last but definitely not least is the Mobdro. With this app, you can enjoy free videos and TV shows from different channels all over the world. It is available on Android devices and supports numerous languages for non-English speakers.

Mobdro has a variety of options that you can watch. Whether you want a movie or documentaries, sports or news, all are present in Mobdro. It is also free and easy to install so you won’t have any problem getting this application.

This video is not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation.

In Conclusion

Watching your favorite shows can be exciting with the help of the great streaming applications. In case you have questions, please leave them in the comment box below. You can also send us a message if you know any other apps that work like Kodi.